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Do you know what to do to combat memory loss?

We all want to sharpen our memories, remember the eggs at the grocery store and the name of the woman at the dry cleaner. But did you know that combining exercise, healthy eating and cutting down on your salt intake can give you those extra birthdays you want and keep your brain fine-tuned?  By staying active and eating healthy, you can add years to your life and keep your mind sharp. This is because these same healthy practices not only keep your blood pressure low but keep your arteries flexible and healthy and, it’s your arteries that deliver oxygen and blood sugar to the brain.  Here are a few tips to help you stay sharp:

  • Try this Brain Exercise Game
  • Take a short walk
  • Substitute fresh veggies for salty chips or pretzels
  • Write down what you are eating to keep track of your salt intake
  • Add more omega-3s to your diet

For more information, read Dr. Oz’s article featured in RealAge on how to defend yourself against memory loss and exercise your brain or click here to see Dr. Oz’s 4 foods to sharpen your memory.  If would like help managing your diet, the Crittenton Home Care’s Diabetic Program may be exactly what you’ve been searching for or to talk to one of our home care professionals call us at 248-656-6757.